Motorcycle trips: FAQ,s

1. What is the best time for Motorcycle trips in The Philippines?

It is always a great time to enjoy scooter tours in The Philippines, or any other motorcycle tours as the climate is hot all year round but generally speaking the ideal time is between November and June, but we operate all year so make sure you bring a coat!

2. What visa do I need for entry into the Philippines?

The maximum length of stay for most foreign nationals visiting the Philippines has been extended to 30 days, so if you want a holiday on a scooter tour, or any other motorcycle make sure you have proof of your return tickets, and proof of financial reports, but this is very rarely asked for. If you need more information please visit the Philippines immigration website.

3. Is it safe there for tourists doing motorcycle trips?

It is estimated that over 76,000 British visitors arrive here each year and like most foreign countries it is incident free, but using common sense is a must. Don’t flash the cash about in bars, clubs and be respectful. It goes a long way. As in every country there are areas advised not to visit. We cover safe areas but the FCO advises against travel in the very South West (Mindanao) and we do not travel there so no need to worry.

4. How about currency?

You will need limited cash as the tours we supply are all-inclusive when you join us on scooter tours in The Philippines, and the other motorcycle tours but yes you would need money here for certain things. The Philippine peso is used here and you can exchange currencies at the airports, banks and some shops. As for International credit cards, debit cards are all ok to use. Bring your cards, we can advise you for their safety

5. Do I need a crash helmet when joining any motorcycle trips in The Philippines?

Yes you do need a helmet. We suggest all customers bring their own riding gear as sizes differ here.

6. How about bike and holiday insurance?

We provide third party bike insurance for road bikes/scooters used on the road. For enduro/off road machines this is different. Please ask about this

To come on holiday without holiday insurance is just ridiculous. YOU must have holiday insurance and if you cannot provide a copy of your insurance when here we will not let you ride, and you would forfeit any monies paid. BRING YOUR HOLIDAY INSURANCE !

7.What if I become sick whilst on any offered motorcycle trips?

Like all countries that is your responsibility for hospital fees, doctors’ fees, medicines. The company is not responsible for that, you are. If you are sick on any group tour and needed medical help on route then you are responsible for the return of any equipment used and its return too base camp. We can assist you in this but the costs are yours.

7. Do I need a  licence?

Yes you do , international one is possible. You are allowed to drive for 90 days in The Philippines as a tourist, or visitor and you must carry that licence with you at all times. Failure to do so will mean the bike maybe impounded and you will have paid for a tour and have no bike!

Bring your licence, no licence, no tour. You do not need to  carry your passport with you, but usually we hold passport as security and returned after the tour and equipment.

8. How about traffic laws?

The traffic laws are the same as the UK to be fair, but saying that in Asia they tend to not obey them. That does not mean you can do the same. In Asia on the roads they tend to drive how they like, pull out in front of you, do u turns, don’t indicate when maneuvering. My advice is simple. Be extremely careful, follow the guide and if you see him slowing down, then slow down, it will be for a reason. We only ride as quick as the slowest rider, we are not here to race.

Riding a motorbike is dangerous in any country, so common sense is needed please. Anyone that decides to race, drive like an idiot will be asked to obey the tour rules.

9. What side of the road do we drive?

We drive on the right hand side.

10. How about drinking a driving?

This is not allowed, and to be fair if you are thinking of even doing this we prefer you stay at home !

11. Can I leave the tour and do my own riding?

No you cannot, but if you are going to the shop, or just down the road then yes you can. Otherwise the riding is done with the group, with guide.

12. Can I ride in the support truck?

If there is a problem you can and if your group have rented the riders support truck. Please ask for details.

13. If I rent the bike on the tour , and do not like it, can I have my money back?

If you commit to the tour, and you feel ill, sick, do not like riding the bike you may travel in the truck if rented and continue the tour, but there is no refund, sorry!

14. What is covered in the all inclusive tours?

At present its the bike, fuel,  Filipino meals during the trip, lead rider and accommodation during the trip based on two sharing.  Non alcoholic drinks are supplied at scheduled meal times only. Anything outside of the scheduled arrangements is your expense.

15. Is the accommodation provided before the tour starts, and ends?

The accommodation is provided in the all inclusive packages between the start day and finish day only, not prior the tour days or after the finish tour time. Basically 2 day tour/one night etc

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